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Fashion is synonymous to individualism, who decides what's in or out ?

Orange is the new black you often hear, it is the individual who should determine what the new black is and if black remains black, our mantra at Enocost is, it is you who sets the trend for you . We respect your opinions, your views, we encourage your individualism and celebrate your uniqueness. We let you dictate what's in and what's not, we stock what you desire and require, if you believe long skirts are in and Vogue has it wrong then like you we  believe Vogue has it wrong.
We invite you to make exclusive request to us for what you require by emailing our procurement department, be it  a black dress , a new bikini in leopard print, a coat or cashmere shawl for your next winter trip, what ever it may be , we will source and present to you a selection of the items you seek for you choose. Just as fashion is passion, individualism is confidence and confidence sets trends .

Good fashion sense!

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